A cyclist finding a way to motocyclists

In the last 24 hours before writing this, my opinion of the motocycling took a rollercoaster ride.

It started with watching a romantic drama “Tres metros sobre cielo” (Three Steps Above Heaven). The movie is full of clichés and machismo – demonstrated mostly by the masculine main character riding a motorcycle in his leather jacket. Despite all the toxic behaviours the movie features, the motorbikes appealed to me.

For a moment, I thought I might get one at some point. That thought was very far from action. I pride in being a minimalist and I know I’m very good at telling no to things. I feel a bicycle added enough complexity to my life some 6 years ago. A motorcycle would be a different beast. But once never knows.

Any affection with motosport evaporated the next morning, when three motocyclists passed me in about seven to eight times my speed, leaning into a curve. A few more moto passers-by were another evidence that it’s a very popular weekend activity in our area.

I spent most of the next moto-free climb in negative thoughts, only letting go of them when the road got very steep and I blocked the echoing sound of engines coming from the valley.

The rollercoaster in my relationship with “the sport” continued later that day as I downloaded a book “Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance” I heard some time ago on a product management podcast. Maybe it was the ride that prompted me to give it a try.

More than motorcycles, I’m more interested in the Zen and “art of maintenance” part of it. It might also be a good opportunity to find reconciliation with the motorcyclist. I believe that conflicts come from not understanding each other. I should understand the other side more once I’m done with the book.

I’ll share an update on how this relationship evolves.

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